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Vectorial Animation Frame by Frame Style with After Effects

Pablo Cuello

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 Vectorial Animation Frame by Frame Style with After Effects

Create animations with a personality and a handcrafted style without using plugins

Animate without plugins may sound like a Chinese story but the reality is that it is possible and the result may surprise anyone. Pablo Cuello is a graphic designer specialized in character animation, and makes After Effects his central tool for creating animations with a lot of personality. He was part of the Dutch production company MediaMonks carrying out projects for brands such as Google, Amazon or Red Bull and, after several years of work, discovered and perfected a technique to create an artisan-style animation without plugins .

In this course, Pablo will teach you to animate in After Effects, using vector layers, through a process similar to that of frame-by-frame animation. You will learn notions of timing , and how to animate a character to express it without limitations by the software .

US$ 10.90

76% Disc. US$ 44.90

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