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Digital Illustration of Architectural Projects

Fernando Neyra Moreta

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 Digital Illustration of Architectural Projects

Learn to portray spaces in a semi-realistic way and create a bridge between the technical and the artistic

If you want to present your architectural projects with a certain level of creative and artistic flair, architect and illustrator Fernando Neyra is the most suited person to guide you, through a technique that has been chosen by clients such as Gehl Architects, Aeroméxico and Studio Precht, to give visual panache to their projects. His main objective is to convince and transmit the final result of architectural work to the end client, putting forward the creative process that the project represents. In this course, you will discover his step-by-step method.

You will learn to generate an illustrated presentation of an architectural project, focusing on 2 aspects: axonometric and pedestrian, to enable you to communicate the idea behind an architectural project, with a more artistic approach.

US$ 14.90

67% Disc. US$ 44.90

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