Introductions & Foundations
  • About your instructor: How this course came to be
  • Course structure & how to succeed
  • Why do things quicker?
  • Where most people spend (or waste) their time
  • Course Syllabus - Download it Now!
  • Are we on the same page & ready to learn together?
General Principles & Theories for Hacking Your Productivity
  • Pre-Quiz: Let's see what we already know?
  • The power of preparation
  • Having clear priorities & goals - and making them "SMART"
  • Organizing priorities with the Priority Star Exercise
  • Setting deadlines - and making them real
  • The Pareto Principle: our secret to being effective
  • The "Bad" kind of multitasking, avoiding distractions, and meditation
  • Batching similar tasks
  • The "Good" kind of multitasking & the Buddhist wheel of life
  • Planning for structured rest periods
  • Using small chunks of wasted time effectively
  • A brief note on "Flow" and focus
  • How well do we understand the theories & foundations?
Speeding Up & Automating Computer Work
  • Pre Quiz: How productive are you at the computer?
  • Just how much time are you wasting on your computer?
  • Automating meeting scheduling
  • Text expansion - stop typing the same things over and over
  • Speaking is faster than typing - and clicking
  • Using custom gestures to speed up common tasks
  • Launchers: act without doing
  • Wasting less time reading & sorting through email
  • Automating simple, repetitive tasks effectively across the web
  • Watching lectures, videos, and podcasts faster
  • What did we learn from the computer tips and tricks section?
Speeding Up Health & Fitness
  • Pre-quiz: Health and Fitness Section
  • Getting fit in fewer hours
  • Spend less time cooking
  • Sleeping less and feeling better
  • How well do we understand the health and fitness tips?
Automating your finances
  • Pre-Quiz: How effectively are we monitoring our finances?
  • Monitoring your finances automatically
  • Paying bills automatically
  • What did we learn about monitoring our finances?
Delegation, Communication, & Saying No
  • Pre-quiz: What is your starting point when it comes to Delegation and Saying No
  • Some things just aren't worth your time
  • Thoughts & tips on "outsourcing"
  • Speeding up decisions
  • Speeding up communication
  • Splitting Time Into “Maker” and “Manager” Days
  • What did we learn about Delegation, Communication, and Saying No
  • Bonus Course: Become a SuperLearner to learn, read, and memorize faster
  • What we've learned, conclusion, and congratulations
  • Bonus Lecture: Unlock My Entire Library of PREMIUM Courses for Just $49!