Introduction & setting yourself up for success
  • About us: how this course came to be
  • Downloading the course resources & overview
  • Progressive overload & what to do if you get frustrated
  • Personal Goals & Progress Worksheet
  • Diagnostic Worksheet #1: Establish a baseline reading speed and retention
  • Are we on the same page and ready to learn together?
Understanding your memory (so that you can improve it!)
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz I
  • Why we need to improve our memory first
  • How we store information: a very brief explanation
  • The Importance of Combining Games with Real World Applicatio
  • Chunking: Navigating the brain’s natural limitations
  • Demonstration: Chunking
  • Chunking Worksheet
  • Dual coding & ‘brute force’ learning
  • How much do we understand about our memory?
The incredible power of visual memory
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz II
  • Why images are the most powerful way to remember & learn
  • When & why creativity training may be necessary
  • What types of images come naturally to you?
  • Do we understand how visual memory works?
Mental markers: visual memory meets learning
  • How do we apply visual memory to reading?
  • Demonstration: Visualization of words and concepts from text
  • Creating effective markers for better memory
  • Logical & creative markers
  • Trying out your new skills
  • Linking & chunking markers for better retention
  • Demonstration: Putting it all together with random facts
  • Demonstration: Putting it all together with written texts
  • How well do we understand markers?
Systems for creating & maintaining long term memories
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz III
  • Using Spaced Repetition to Help Us Maintain Memories
  • Mind Mapping
  • Memory Palaces
  • Number memorization systems
  • Do you know how to maintain your memories long term?
Pre-reading and preparation
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz IV
  • Introducing the SQ3R System
  • Pre-read before you read
  • Creating burning interest: Perspectives, prior knowledge, & W/H questions
  • Demonstration: Pre-reading
  • Are we all clear on pre-reading?
Read with your eyes, not with your inner voice
  • How to properly test your comprehension without fooling yourself
  • Diagnostic Worksheet #2: Establish a new reading speed and retention
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz V
  • How most people read: subvocalization
  • Saccades: using your eyes as effectively as possible
  • Improving your eye span: wider saccades
  • Using saccades across various devices and media
  • Final thoughts on saccades
  • Demonstration: Saccades in action
  • Do we understand how speed reading works?
Let's speed things up!
  • Speed training with a card
  • Progressive Overload Revisited: Training at the speed you wish to read
  • Speed Tip: Tricking your brain into speeding up
  • Managing pauses to create markers while speed reading
  • A Discussion of Marker Density
  • Demonstration: Creating markers while speed reading
  • Text structure and marker hierarchy
  • Training Going Forward & what to do if you backslide
  • Diagnostic Worksheet #3: Establish an “after” reading speed and retention
  • Do we fully understand speed reading?
Good learning habits
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz VI
  • Sleeping and learning: Why sleep is so crucial
  • The proper learning environment
  • Is your environment and lifestyle set up for learning?
Applying your new skills to anything and everything
  • Misconceptions Pre-Quiz VII
  • SuperLearning by video or audio
  • Tailoring the skills: Learning languages
  • Tailoring the skills: Never forget a face or a name
  • How To Learn Faster Using Proper Preparation Techniques
  • Can you apply your new skills to things besides reading?
  • How To Completely Automate Spaced Repetition From Your Books
  • Bonus Lecture: Unlock My Entire Library of PREMIUM Courses for Just $49!