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Découverte de l'Inbound Marketing

Transformez votre site internet en apporteur d'affaires idéal !

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Creato da Stéphane Viaud-Murat
Ultimo aggiornamento : 2017-08-21
$34.99 €
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  • 3 ore di video on-demand
  • Accesso illimitato al corso completo
  • Accesso su dispositivo mobile e TV
  • Certificato di fine corso

Cosa imparerai

  • Comprendre les fondamentaux de l’inbound marketing
  • Attirer des visiteurs avec le SEO, le blogging et le social media
  • Découvrir les meilleures approches pour produire du contenu efficace
  • Connaître les différents supports sur lesquels promouvoir vos contenus
  • Transformer vos visiteurs en prospects
  • Transformer vos prospects en clients
  • Transformer vos clients en ambassadeurs de votre société ou de vos produits


Inbound Marketing is a revolutionary marketing approach that involves attracting your future customers in a natural way, rather than mangling them with advertising messages.

In this comprehensive training and taught by Inbound professionals, you will discover how to generate qualified traffic, and convert your visitors into prospects. You will also learn how to gradually transform these prospects into customers through "lead nurturing" and email marketing.

Many examples will help you understand how to concretely implement these approaches on your website.

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of inbound marketing, by example
  • How to attract visitors with SEO, blogging and social media
  • The best approaches to producing effective content
  • On which networks to promote your content
  • How to turn your visitors into prospects ... then customers
  • How to align sales and marketing with common goals
  • How to turn your customers into ambassadors

Do not wait anymore and become an expert in Inbound Marketing!

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