Before starting
  • Which canvases am I going to paint?
  • Which materials do I need?
  • Tips to transform a room in an Art workshop
  • Original paintings (Pictures)
Painting Nº1: Impressionist work; Van Gogh
  • Creating our background
  • How to fit in general shapes
  • First brush-strokes with ochre and green
  • Adding dark tones to define brush-strokes
  • Medium tones
  • Reinforcing our drawing
  • Bringing out lights
  • First Questions
Painting Nº2: Pointillist canvas; Georges Seurat
  • Getting the painting's background ready
  • Drawing the Eiffel Tower
  • Intense colors; green and ochre
  • Yellow dots
  • High intensity colors
  • How to achieve brightness
Painting Nº3: Fauvist canvas; Marc Chagall
  • Painting the background
  • How to draw general shapes
  • First brush-strokes. Painting "The dreamt kiss"
  • Less is more
  • Painting brush-strokes as the masters
Painting Nº4: Cubist canvas. Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
  • Preparing the background
  • Sketching the lines' fitting
  • Drawing by levels
  • Getting the right mixture
  • Last touches
The Cat on the Yellow Pillow by Franc Marc
  • Preparing the background
  • Drawing the sleepy cat
  • The two colors for the cat
  • Painting the background's base
  • Light and definition
  • Finishing the yellow pillow
  • Final touches
  • Reinforcing your knowledge
  • The porpuse of this course
  • Farewell
  • Thank you!