Data Science Giriş
  • Data Science Giriş
Kaggle and Data Science(Veri Bilimi)
  • Kaggle Tanıtımı 1
  • Kaggle Tanıtımı 2
  • Notebook (Kernel) Nedir?
  • Kaggle Profil Sayfası
  • Kaggle'da Başarılı Olmak İçin Neler Yapmalı?
  • Data Science (Veri Bilimi) Giriş
Introduction to Python (Python'a Giriş)
  • Import and First Look Data
  • Matplotlib
  • Dictionary, Pandas and Logic Control
  • Loop Data Structures (while and for)
  • ÖDEV 1
Python Data Science Tool Box
  • User Defined Function and Scope
  • Nested, Default, Flexible, Lambda, Anonymous Functions
  • Iterators and List Comprehension
Cleaning Data
  • Diagnose Data for Cleaning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Visual Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Tidy and Pivoting Data
  • Concatenating Data and Data Types
  • Missing Data and Testing with Assert
Pandas Foundation
  • Review of Pandas, Building Data Frames from Scratch,Visual and Statistical EDA
  • Indexing and Resampling Pandas Time Series
Manipulating Data Frames with Pandas
  • Indexing, Slicing, Filtering and Transforming Data Frames
  • Index Objects, Hierarchical Indexing, Pivoting, Stacking-Unstacking and Melting
  • Ne Yaptık Ne Yapacağız?