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Intensive Spanish Listening

Train your brain and your ears for understanding Spanish native speakers and to express yourself with more fluency

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Creado por Diego Cuadros
Fecha de la última actualización: 2018-10-04
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Lo que aprenderás

  • Use many Spanish idioms and real life expressions in their conversations.
  • Understand native Spanish speakers better.
  • Use some Spanish phrases automatically.
  • Identify idioms and expressions in natural Spanish conversations.
  • Improve their use of grammar in their Spanish conversations.


Intensive Spanish Listening: Its purpose is to improve the student's fluency and their skills to understand real spoken Spanish. This course is meant for intermediate students who have already studied Spanish in the past, but they can't speak yet. It's also for people who want to improve their fluency in Spanish.

Intensive Spanish Listening focuses on acquiring and enforcing the language through listening, fun stories and repetition. It is an awesome resource for those who desire to improve their fluency in Spanish and their vocabulary of idioms and expressions used by native speakers. It is not intended as a complete DELE course, nor it is for complete beginners.

From the very beginning of the course, the student will experience a Spanish immersion (the course is completely in Spanish: videos, lectures and audio lessons) through the help of his coach and the TPRS method for increasing speaking and listening skills.