What is Netcurso?
Netcurso is an easy and innovative OnLine educational model. With a quality learning, we intend to facilitate and promote a personal training process at a distance. Thanks to our partnership with Udemy we can offer a greater variety of courses and give better support to our students.
How is the training methodology?
Each course is formed by different thematic modules that, through videos, step by step, cover in a visual and practical way all the content, in this way they facilitate the comprehension of 100% of the concepts. All courses can be run from anywhere in the world, with any device and at any time, allowing you to advance at your own pace and at your convenience. To complete the course, you must be connected to the internet.
What do the courses include?
The basis of each course is its classes, which may include videos, slides, texts and additional resources. In addition, in some courses there are questionnaires, test exams, assignments and exercises as a way to improve the learning experience of the students.
How much time do I have to complete a course?
Due to the partnership with Udemy, there are no deadlines to start or complete the courses. Even after completing a course, you can still access it whenever you want, that is, you have access for life.
Is Netcurso an accredited institution?
Although Netcurso is not an accredited institution, we offer courses based on skills taught by experts in its field of specialization, and each approved course is offered with a certificate of completion. Certificates can be saved as a .pdf or .jpg file so you can share your achievements easily.
Is there any way to consult a preview of the course?
Of course. If you are not sure if a course is right for you, you can start a free preview and see some of the classes that the instructor has selected. You can find instructions to consult the preview of a course and see fundamental information about it.
What if I do not like a course that I bought?
We want you to be satisfied with the course. Therefore, if you are not, you can even request a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase of the course.
What are the payment methods?
Paypal, international credit and debit cards, these payments are processed through Udemy.
If you have more questions about the platform and features, contact the Support center