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Online course Photography


Your Road to Better Photography

Photography Made Simple! | By Corey Reese

€19.99 $ 19.99 $

iPhone Photography | Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone

Your Online Guide to Taking Stunning iPhone Photography Like a Professional Digital Photographer | By Dale McManus

€49.99 $ 19.99 $

Beginner Nikon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography

Learn how to use your camera intuitively. Learn through doing rather than memorizing. | By JP Teaches Photo .

€29.99 $ 19.99 $

Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations

The best selling beginners guide to Affinity Photo - complete with a 50 page PDF to aid your study! | By Simon Foster

€99.99 $ 19.99 $

Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Start a business photographing real estate photography jobs for architects, builders, and real estate agents | By Charlie Borland

€74.99 $ 19.99 $

Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

Get 7 Years of Filmmaking Experience - Everything from Pre-Production to Editing - in 5 Hours | By Julian Melanson

€199.99 $ 19.99 $

Beginner Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography

Learn how to use your camera intuitively. Learn through doing rather than memorizing. | By JP Teaches Photo .

€29.99 $ 19.99 $

Digital Photography for Beginners with DSLR cameras

Learn how to take stunning photographs by mastering both the technical and creative sides of digital photography. | By Villiers Steyn

€99.99 $ 19.99 $

Photography - Become a Better Photographer - Part I

See results today! 50 photography tips for taking amazing photos with your DSLR, Mirrorless or compact camera. | By Bernie Raffe AMPA

€34.99 $ 19.99 $

Phantom & Mavic Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi

Use autopilot to get amazing cinematic shots with your drone. You will master the Litchi app & take pro footage! | By Laurence Seberini

€29.99 $ 19.99 $

Cinematography Course: Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera

Your Online Guide to Professional Cinematography. Learn to Shoot Stunning Video Like a Professional With Any Camera. | By Dale McManus

€74.99 $ 19.99 $

VIDEO CINEMATOGRAPHY techniques loved by pro filmmakers

Creative video. Learn what pro broadcast camera ops do to grab and excite an audience. Taught by a pro broadcaster | By Andrew St.Pierre White

€99.99 $ 19.99 $

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Create aerial video & photos that DELIGHT your audience: Learn from basic drone handling up to advanced flying & editing | By Bruce Geddes

€94.99 $ 19.99 $

Cinematic Color Grading: Making Your Videos Come Alive

Learn how to take your footage to the next level using professional color correct and grading techniques. | By Matti Haapoja

€149.99 $ 19.99 $

Photography Beginners: DSLR Photography Camera Settings

Photography settings - learn how to get the most from your DSLR camera and improve your photography! | By Rosie Parsons

€199.99 $ 19.99 $

Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass

Studio Photography Lighting / Street Photography / Creative Photography / DSLR Photography / Black & White Photography | By Mark Timberlake

€199.99 $ 19.99 $

Photography - The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash

Follow me on 19 photo sessions & learn to create beautiful light using small flashes & take stunning dramatic portraits. | By Bernie Raffe AMPA

€34.99 $ 19.99 $

The Art of Seeing Photography training for the Artist in you

Discover how to see like an artist & take the best photos of your life. | By Adam Marelli

€19.99 $ 19.99 $

How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

Learn how to turn your passion for nature and adventure photography into a thriving business | By Charlie Borland

€59.99 $ 19.99 $

The Art of Black and White Photography

Learn how to create dramatic and compelling black and white images using a range of powerful Photoshop techniques. | By David J. Nightingale

€149.99 $ 19.99 $
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