The Equipment
  • The type of cameras and flashes you need for off-camera flash
  • Light stands and flash umbrella brackets
  • How to trigger off-camera flashes
  • Flashes and Triggers Update #1 - 2020
  • Light modifiers, what are they for, and why you need them.
  • Flash heads are small, modifiers can be large, avoid this problem.
  • Do I need a flash meter for perfect exposures?
Exposure considerations when using off-camera flash (Important, please watch)
  • Why we're using the Manual mode, no Aperture or Shutter speed priority,
  • Apertures and an introduction to indoor exposure
  • Shutter speeds and its role in off-camera flash photography
  • ISO and its role in flash exposure
  • Determining the flash power for perfect exposures
  • The effect of flash to subject distance on exposure
  • Flash maximum sync speed and High Speed Sync
Indoor photo sessions
  • Indoor session 1 - Simple first one-light setup
  • Indoor session 2 - Controlling background light spill
  • Indoor session 3 - Light the background for more impact
  • Indoor session 4 - Colouring the background using gels
  • Indoor session 5 - Use a fill light to open up the shadows
  • Indoor session 6 - Stunning beauty lighting using a 'Clam Shell' setup
  • Indoor session 7 - More drama using a harder light source
  • Indoor session 8 - Portrait Lighting Patterns
  • Indoor session 9 - Graphic backgrounds using household objects
  • Indoor session 10 - Dramatic light using a Honeycomb Grid
  • Indoor session 11 - Making a whiter than white background
  • Indoor session 12 - Stunning beauty lighting using a 'tri-flector'
Outdoor Photo Sessions
  • Introduction to outdoor off camera flash exposure
  • Flashes and Triggers Update #2 - 2020
  • Dramatic portraits using sky as background
  • Balancing ambient and flash light - Photo session between the trees
  • Balancing ambient light and flash - Photo session at the narrow gauge railway
  • Explanation and demo of High Speed Sync and use of ND filter for wider apertures
  • High Speed Sync (HSS) – Wide apertures on bright day
  • Graphic or Grungy backgrounds – Store shutters
  • Graphic or Grungy backgrounds – Graffiti (using HSS)
  • Graphic or Grungy backgrounds - A brick wall (using HSS)
Bonus video on Product photography using off camera flash
  • DIY product photography setup
Course conclusion
  • Final words