iPhone Photography Introduction
  • Who Are You and What Am I Going to Learn?
  • What Actually is Photography?
Pre-Shooting Setup
  • Turn Off Live Photo
  • Turn On HDR
  • Turn On The Grid
  • Focus Tapping, Exposure Control, & Lock Focus
  • How to Optimize Pano Mode
  • Quiz 1: Setup
The 4 Types of Shot Composition for Better Photography
  • What is Shot Composition?
  • 1. Perspective
  • 2. Vantage Point
  • 3. Rule of Thirds
  • 4. Dead Space
  • Quiz 2: Shot Composition
How to Create Depth in Photography
  • One Simple Trick You Need to Know
How to Utilize Surrounding Elements While Shooting
  • Surrounding Light And How to Use It
  • Filling The Frame
Long Exposure Photography: How to Shoot It on the iPhone
  • How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos on the iPhone
Macro Photography: How to Shoot It on the iPhone
  • What is Macro and How It's Done
How to Tell Stories in Photography
  • Storytelling
How to Edit & Color Correct Photos in Lightroom
  • How to Edit Your iPhone Photography in Lightroom
  • How to Create Presets in Lightroom
  • How to Make Your Portraits Pop
  • Quiz 3: Color Correcting
My Shooting and Editing Process
  • Shooting Example #1
  • Editing Example #1
iPhone Photography Must Knows
  • Be Adventurous
  • Break The Rules