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The Beginning

Netcurso was founded in 2011 in Barquisimeto - Venezuela by two friends who met at the university studying Engineering. Netcurso is an online educational model, easy and innovative, to facilitate and promote the distance learning process. It was born from the initiative of Microcom, which due to its experience in 20 years of teaching with specialized courses, transfers its quality learning techniques, both for Autodesk tools and for other advanced courses. Netcurso aims to increase profitability and competitiveness through the improvement and continuous improvement of the client.

Marco Rangel

Marco Rangel

Adriana Palaferri

Adriana Palaferri

Our courses allow your profession or business to be more productive, reliable, flexible and suitable for growth.

Netcurso - Udemy

With this alliance, our courses operate on the platform of Udemy to provide a greater variety of own courses or other Udemy instructors to better support our students. Select the one of your interest, with permanent discounts, coupons and even free.

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