Cinematography Course Introduction
  • Welcome to Your Online Cinematography Course!
  • What is Cinematography?
The Camera Atlas: Truly Understanding Your Camera
  • Intro to Camera Section
  • What is Video Resolution?
  • What is Aspect Ratio?
  • Why Frame Rate is So Important
  • Lenses
  • How to Change Resolution and Frame Rate on a DSLR
  • How to Change Resolution and Frame Rate on the iPhone
  • What's in My Camera Bag?
  • Camera Quiz
Exposure in Cinematography
  • Intro to Exposure Section
  • Understanding Aperture for Cinematography
  • Why a Little Darker is Always Better
  • How Frame Rate and Shutter Speed Affect Exposure
  • Exposure Quiz
Shot Composition for Better Cinematography
  • What is Shot Composition?
  • The 6 Perspectives and Storytelling
  • Vantage Point
  • Rule of Thirds
  • The 180 Degree Rule
  • Lead Room and Head Room
  • Shot Composition Quiz
Movement: How to Move With Purpose
  • Intro to Movement Section
  • Handheld Vs Stabilized
  • The Types of Movement in Cinematography
  • Starting and Clearing the Scene
  • Drone Cinematography
  • Movement Quiz
Lighting 101
  • Why is Lighting Important for Cinematography?
  • Shooting Outdoors With Natural Light
  • Shooting Indoors With Controlled Light
  • Understanding White Balance / Color Temperature
  • Lighting Quiz
Location Scouting
  • Intro to Section: Visualize The Scene
  • Why the Time of Day Matters
Final Messages / Resources
  • Before You Go!