INTRODUCTION: Insider Health
  • How This Course Can Transform Your Health (and your life)
PART 1: The 3 Monster Health Myths
  • Why You Need To UNLEARN What You Know About Health
  • Myth #1: The "It's Their Fault" Myth
  • Myth #2: The "I Gotta Count Calories" Myth
  • Myth #3: The "I CAN'T Believe That" Myth
  • The Simple Secret To Transforming Your Health and Your Life
PART 2: Eliminate These "Dead Foods" You're Probably Eating All The Time
  • Avoid Dead Food and Change Your Life
  • Dead Food #1: The "Silent Killer" That's Secretly In EVERYTHING You Eat​
  • Dead Food #2: The "Fake Carbs" You're Probably Without Even Knowing It!
  • Dead Food #3: The Food Group No One's Talking About That Causes A LOT of Harm
  • How To Eliminate These "Dead Foods" From Your Life For Good
PART 3: Eat "Alive Food" & Transform Your Health
  • How To Transform Your Health and Nutrition By Eating Alive Food
  • The Insider Daily Bowl
  • The Insider Daily Drink
  • The 3 Alive Food Multipliers
  • What To Do Now
  • Download Your Course Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS: Want More?