Assertiveness Basics: The 30-minute Communication Guide
  • Introduction
  • Build Your Confidence - Delve deep into your subconscious mind
  • The Power of "I" - Deliver messages that clearly reveal your intentions
  • Non-verbal Assertiveness - Create the feeling of affinity and harmony
  • Escape The Comfort Zone - Stop being afraid of what people will think
  • Conflicts - Show others that you understand their point of view
  • Stress Management - Stress may hinder our ability to communicate assertively
  • Introduction
  • Criticism Part 1 - How to avoid the lethal, verbal bullets of criticism
  • Criticism Part 2 - Criticism comes in a package with inferiority complex
  • The Final Piece of Advice - Practice, practice, practice and practice
Life Examples
  • Life Examples of Assertiveness - Four examples of real life situations
  • [BONUS] The Online Meeting
  • [BONUS] Self-Improvement Training
  • [BONUS] The Diligent Food Taster
  • [BONUS] The TV Controller
  • [BONUS] The Skype Call
  • [BONUS] Saying "Yes" in The Right Way
  • [BONUS] Learn to Say "No"
  • [BONUS] Challenge
  • [eBook] Assertiveness Mastery - Boost Your Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • [BONUS] 10 Actionable Secrets to Master Your Confidence - by Jimmy Naraine
  • [BONUS] How I Beat Diabetes Using Self-Improvement Techniques
  • [BONUS] One-on-one Coaching & Insider Discounts!