Course Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Building a Song In Under 120 Seconds
  • Download Your Free Resources
Introduction to Logic Pro X
  • Introduction to 'Interface and Basics'
  • What is a DAW?
  • Why Logic Pro?
  • Creating a Project
  • Understanding The Interface
  • Understand Channels
  • Make Music in 3 Easy Steps
Audio Production for Beginners (Optional)
  • Understanding Digital Audio
  • Recording Equipment
  • The Birth of a Song
  • Understanding Acoustics and The Frequency Spectrum
  • Decibels, Distortion and Volume
  • Your Basic Mixing Tools
  • Common Terminology
  • Audio Production Quiz
  • Breather - Meet Greg Kurstin
Creating a Song
  • Using Apple Loops
  • Navigating The Workspace
  • Controlling Playback
  • Finishing The Song
  • Basic Mixing and Exporting Your Song
  • Assignment - Compose a Song Using Apple Loops
Recording Basics
  • Introduction to 'Working With Audio'
  • Setting Up, Creating Tracks and Recording
  • Monitoring and Tuning
  • My Top Recording Tips
  • Recording Additional Takes and Punching In
  • Recording Settings
  • Deleting Unused Audio
  • Assignment - Record Some Audio
Editing Basics
  • Using Mouse Tools
  • Comping and Fades
  • Using The Audio Track Editor
  • Aligning Audio
  • Improving Groove With Groove Tracks
  • Using Snap
Using Drummer
  • Introduction to 'Working with Drummer, Virtual Instruments and MIDI'
  • Creating a Drummer Track
  • Drum Track Arrangement
  • Customizing the Drums
  • Using Electronic Drummers
  • Converting Electronic Drummers Into MIDI
  • 5 Minute Song Challenge
Using Virtual Instruments and Synthesizers
  • Creating Virtual Instruments
  • Using ES2
  • Using EXS24
  • Using Sculpture
  • Using Ultrabeat
Recording MIDI and Using MIDI Devices
  • Device Setup and Recording MIDI
  • Merging Multiple MIDI Performances
  • Fixing Timing Issues with Quantization
  • MIDI Takes and Comping
  • Setting Up and Using Logic Remote
  • Challenge - Recreate Your Favourite Synth Line
Advanced MIDI Recording (Optional)
  • Creating Layered Sounds and Split Keyboards
  • Adjusting Smart Controls and Mapping Them To MIDI
  • Nail Any Performance Using 'Step Input' Mode
  • Using Note Repeat and Spot Erase
MIDI Editing and Processing
  • Using MIDI Plugins
  • Using The Piano Roll Editor
  • The Event List
  • Scale Quantize
  • MIDI Draw, MIDI Controllers and Creating Crescendos
  • Importing MIDI (SMF) Files
Using The Environment (Optional)
  • Introducing The Environment
  • Creating Objects
  • Creating Signal Chains and Understanding Signal Flow
  • Touch Track Objects
Advanced MIDI Editing
  • Using The MIDI Region Inspector
  • Using Aliases
  • Using MIDI Transform Functions
  • Using The 'Select' Menu
  • Using The 'Separate MIDI Events' Command
  • Assignment - Compose a Song Using MIDI
Edit Preparation
  • Introduction to 'Editing'
  • Adding and Moving Structure Markers
  • Organizing Your Project
Editing Pitch and Time
  • Controlling Project Tempo and Key
  • Using Varispeed
  • Tuning Vocals
  • Using Flex
  • Sound Design Using Various Tools