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  • The Anatomy Of A Strategic Brand
  • What You'll Learn
Brand Strategy Overview
  • Branding vs Marketing: Why They're So Different
  • The Brief Story Of Branding
  • The Common Path To Failure
  • The Crucial Role Of Strategy
Internal Branding #1:
  • The Emergence Of Brand Purpose
  • Start With Why
  • How To Develop Your Brand Purpose
  • EXAMPLE: Helping Underprivileged People
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Brand Purpose
Internal Branding #2
  • Brand Vision - The Ambitious Brand
  • EXAMPLES: Brand Vision
  • How To Develop Your Vision Statement
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Vision Statement
  • Brand Mission - The Committed Brand
  • EXAMPLES: Brand Mission
  • How To Develop Your Brand Mission
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Mission Statement
  • Core Values - The Moral Brand
  • EXAMPLES: Core Values
  • How To Develop Your Core Values
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Values Statement
Brand Positioning
  • What Is Positioning?
  • Who Is Your Audience?
  • How To Find Your Audience
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Audience Persona
  • Who Are Your Competitors?
  • How To Audit Your Competitors
  • TAKE ACTION: Complete A Competitor Audit
  • What Is Your Differentiator?
  • EXAMPLE: Positioning - Trying Harder
  • How To Discover Your Differentiator
  • EXAMPLES: Differentiators
  • TAKE ACTION: Discover Your Differentiator
  • How To Develop Your Positioning Strategy
  • TAKE ACTION: Develop Your Positioning Strategy + Statement
Brand Personality
  • The Old-Fashioned Modern Brand
  • What Is An Archetype
  • CHEAT SHEET: The Archetype Framework
  • Archetypes To Leave A Legacy
  • Archetypes To Pursue Connections
  • Archetypes To Provide Structure
  • Archetypes To Explore Spirituality
  • How To Apply The Archetype Framework
  • TAKE ACTION: Align Your Brand To An Archetype
  • How To Bring Your Personality To Life
  • TAKE ACTION: Bring Your Personality To Life
  • TAKE ACTION: Consolidate Your Brand Strategy
  • Review Part 1 & Preview Part 2
  • Thank You