Bringing Presence to Stressful Situations
  • Course Overview
  • We Don't Have to Figure it Out
  • The Oak Is in the Acorn
  • Practice Exercise: Skillfully Attending to Discomfort
  • Practice Exercise: Ordinary Stressors
Stress and Evolution
  • Stuck in the Mud
  • Benefiting from Stress
  • Major Stressors
  • Practice Exercise: How Did it Change You
Intention and Attention
  • Intention
  • Practice Exercise: May This Serve
  • Attention - and a Shift in Identity (with Case Study)
  • Practice Exercise: Our Path is Through
Building Heartwood
  • Less Lag Time
  • Big Squeeze
  • Mindfulness Counteracts Stress-Induced Inflammation
  • Case Study: Offensive Banter
  • Case Study: Parenting an Addicted Teen
  • Practice Exercise: Your Future Self Calling You
Everyday Nirvana
  • 3 Ways to Cultivate Evolutionary Potential
  • Practice Exercise: Getting Familiar with Everyday Nirvana
  • Bonus Lecture: Additional Resources & Acknowledgements