• Introduction & Getting The Most Out Of The Course
  • Can You Make Money In Stocks? A BIG Yes!
  • Are Stocks Risky? What's The Worst Case Scenario
  • Quiz: Intro
Key Concepts
  • The 2 Ways Investors Make Money in Stocks
  • Investing vs. Trading vs. Gambling
  • What Is A Stock Really
  • Where Do Stocks Fit In A Diversified Portfolio
  • Sample Portfolio Allocation Based On Historical Risk & Return
  • Quiz: Key Concepts
How Are Stocks Categorized And Why That Matters To Investors
  • Diversification Inside The Stock Category
  • Size: Large, Mid, and Small Cap Stocks
  • Style: Growth Stocks
  • Style: Income Stocks
  • Style: Value Stocks
  • Stock Sectors
  • Quiz: Stock Categorization
Understanding Risk With The Stock Market
  • Risk & Risk Types
  • Risk Analysis: Standard Deviation & Beta To Evaluate Stock & Fund Volatility
  • Determining Your Risk Profile Free Online Tool
  • Quiz: Risk
What To Buy: Individual Stocks, Stock Mutual Funds, & ETF: Exchange Traded Funds
  • Individual Stocks: Benefits, Building a Portfolio, How Many, and Strategy
  • Understanding Stock Mutual Funds
  • Active vs. Index Stock Mutual Funds
  • ETF: Exchange Traded Funds
  • Using The Mutual Fund Style Box To Select Funds
  • Understanding Mutual Fund Expenses
  • Let's Compare Some Mutual Funds Expenses Demo With Real Funds
  • Quiz: What To Buy
Stock Market Investing Strategies
  • Two Investing Extremes
  • Investing In Growth Stocks
  • Investing In Dividend Income Stocks
  • Investing In Value Stocks
  • Value Investing Example Case Study
  • GARP: Growth At A Reasonable Price
  • Technical Analysis & Charting
  • Dogs Of The Dow
  • Dividend Aristocrats
  • Quiz: Stock Market Investing Strategies
How To Evaluate Stocks & Stock Ratios
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Key Financial Ratios When Buying Stocks
  • Stock Ratio Catgories
  • Valuation: Price Earning (P/E)
  • Valuation: Price To Earnings Growth (PEG)
  • Valuation: Price To Sales (P/S)
  • Valuation: Price To Book (P/B)
  • Valuation: Dividend Yield
  • Valuation: Dividend Payout
  • Profitability: Return On Assets (ROA)
  • Profitability: Return On Equity (ROE)
  • Profitability: Profit Margin
  • Liquidity: Current Ratio
  • Liquidity: Quick Ratio (Acid Test)
  • Debt: Debt To Equity
  • Debt: Interest Coverage
  • Efficiency: Asset Turnover
  • Efficiency: Inventory Turnover
  • Analyzing Ratio Demo With Real Companies: Part 1-Value & Profit Ratios
  • Analyzing Ratio Demo: Part 2-Liquidity, Solvency, and Efficiency Ratios
  • Quiz: Stock Evaluating Stocks And Ratios
Demonstration: Let's Buy Some Stocks Together
  • Demonstration: How To Use A Basic Stock Screener To Narrow Stock Choices For You
  • Demonstration: How To Use An Advanced Stock Screener
  • Demonstration: Let's Buy A Dividend Stock
  • Demonstration: Let's Buy A Value Stock
  • Demonstration: Let's Buy A Growth Stock
  • Quiz: Stock Research Demo
Technical Analysis: Using Charts, Patterns, And Trends
  • Understanding Technical Analysis And Fundamental Investing
  • Technical Analysis Introduction And Big Idea
  • Technical Analysis Core Concepts
  • Technical Analysis And Unpredictable Events Example
  • How I Learned About Brexit: An Investing Story
  • Line Charts
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Drawing Trend Lines And Channels
  • Moving Average: Simple And Weighted
  • Chart Patterns: Rectangles
  • Chart Patterns: Triangles
  • Chart Patterns: Flags
  • Chart Pattern: Head And Shoulders
  • Chart Pattern: Cup With Handle
  • Technical Analysis Final Thoughts
How To Buy Stocks: The Mechanics Of Brokers And More
  • Introduction Of The Various Methods To Actually Buy A Stock
  • Full Service Stock Brokers
  • Discount (Online) Stock Brokers
  • Financial Planners
  • Robo Financial Planners. Using Online Automation To Save On Fees
  • Robo-Advisor Case Study: Wealthfront
  • Robo-Advisor Case Study: Betterment
  • Direct Through Mutual Funds and ETF: Exchange Traded Funds