Welcome to Class: Let's Get Started
  • Take a Look! An Overview of this Course
  • My 3 Critical Tips for Success
  • New Material Added!
  • 10 Tips to Be Comfortable + Confident on Camera
VIDEO CHALLENGE!!! Make a short video RIGHT NOW!
  • Your Personal VIDEO Challenge - The Details!
Mindset: How to Overcome Fear + Build Confidence
  • Worksheet: Build an Unstoppable Mindset for Success
  • Release Your Fears of Being On Camera RIGHT NOW
  • Identify the Negative Voices that Have Been Holding You Back
  • Energy Medicine: Techniques to Release Your Fear
  • Your Anchoring Statement: Retrain Your Mind for Success
  • Start Now: The Secret of Practicing in Everyday Situations
  • How to Practice Without Anyone Knowing
5 Easy Tips To Engage Your Audience
  • My 5 Tips to Delight Your Audience + Leave Them Wanting More
  • Tip 1: Know Your Audience: Your Ideal Student
  • Tip 2: Keeping Your Content Short + Sweet
  • Tip 3: How to Love the Lens (My Post-It trick!)
  • Tip 4: The Importance of Adding Calls to Action
  • Tip 5: The Power of Practice
Your Material: How to Craft What You Want To Say
  • To Script or Not to Script? Structuring Your Talking Points
  • Crafting Your Material: Planning What You Want to Say
  • Script Templates for Making Your Videos
Unleash Your Inner Superstar + Look Like One Too!
  • The “IT” Factor: Build Your On-Camera Presence + Shine
  • Dressing the Part: What Clothes to Wear… It Matters!
  • Hair and Make-Up Tips: How to Polish Your Look Even More
  • My Guide to Looking + Feeling Great On Camera
Your Body + Voice: Express Yourself Effortlessly
  • Body Language: How to Project Confidence
  • To Sit or Stand? Best Practices to Deliver Your Material
  • Your Body + Voice: Learn How to Express Yourself Effortlessly
  • Your Voice: Exercises for Clarity, Flexibility and Ease
Equipment Suggestions! What you Need to Make your own Filming Studio.
  • The Equipment You Need to Get Started
  • Getting Started: Equipment You Need to Get Started
  • My Personal Favorite Pieces of Equipment
  • Mount your Phone to the Window!
  • Behind the Scenes: My Studio Tour
  • The Background: How to Set Up Your Space
The Camera: Filming with Your Phone + Computer!
  • Using a Tripod with Your Smartphone
  • Autofocus: How to Stay in Focus on an iPhone
  • Using Your Computer As Your Camera
  • TRUE STORY: My Instant Studio in a Pinch
LIGHTING! Tips on set up, equipment and more!
  • Lighting Basics: The Key To Looking Your Best On Camera
  • Lighting Tips: Finding Your Ideal Light - Office Demonstration!
  • Do It Yourself Lighting Kit: A Low Cost Solution!
  • Hi! I'm Alexa. This is my story.
  • Vocal Warm-Up: Guest Lecturer Tessa Auberjonois
  • Time Management: Setting Realistic Goals + Expectations
  • Relaxation Techniques Before You Film
  • MY VIDEO: How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee Using an Aeropress
  • Video on the Go! (A true story)
Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Start Making Videos
  • Why Video Beats an Article or Voice-Over Every Time
  • Create Your Goal: Ways to Feature Videos in your Course
  • Types of Videos to Create to Boost Student Engagement
  • Let’s Brainstorm! Video Creation Idea List + Resource Guide
MY CRITIQUES: Watch Real Student Videos + My Feedback
  • Richard: Take ONE - His video and my response
  • Richard: Take TWO - His video and my response
  • Errette: Take ONE - His video and my response
  • Errette: Take ONE - His video and my response
  • Ask Me a Question!!!
  • Meet Jen: How do I talk about myself and my work "naturally"?
CONGRATS! A few fun things just for you...
  • YOUR GIFT! Want FREE feedback? Send Me Your Video!
  • My BLOOPERS. (Yep! Enjoy.)
Tips for Wellbeing in these Uncertain Times (Extra content!)
  • A Message for You During these Uncertain Times
  • A Guided Visualization for Wellbeing