Introduction to the course
  • Introduction & Welcome to the Course!
  • How to Download All Course Exercise Files and Assets
  • Get Up and Running With Adobe Creative Cloud
Getting comfortable with Photoshop: Making a Poster
  • Poster Introduction and file setup (revised 2.19.18)
  • Gathering Assets
  • QUIZ: Review what you've learned so far
  • Making Selections
  • Refining Selections 8.17.17 (both old + updated versions)
  • Refining Selections Update: The New Photoshop 2015.5 Selection and Masking Space
  • Working With Text
  • Refining the Layout
  • Creating Additional Looks to Give Your Client Options
  • Exporting Your Artwork
  • QUIZ: Review what you've done so far
Photoshop Continued: Creating a Composite Image
  • Introduction to Photoshop Compositing
  • Getting assets for your first composite image
  • Refining Selections
  • Compositing Continued & Color Levels...
  • Pushing Your Design Further
  • One More Idea & Exporting Your Image
Getting comfortable with Illustrator: Typography Poster
  • Introduction to the Project
  • Working With Text: Type Tools, Adobe Typekit, and Creating Outlines
  • Working with Shapes, Color & Graphics
  • Artboards and Creating Additional Designs
  • Exporting Your Files
  • Print a Poster!
Logo Design: Create a Custom Logo for Your Business or a Client
  • Introduction to This Section
  • Research and Gathering Ideas
  • Creating a Moodboard
  • Bring in Your Text and Picking Fonts
  • Basic Tool Overview
  • Creating Your First Looks
  • Refining Ideas
  • Designing Your Presentation For Your Clients
  • Exporting and Sending Comps to Clients
  • Finalize Your Logo, Part 1: Refining Color and Creating a "Details" Page
  • Finalize Your Logo, Part 2: Artboard Setup for Quick Export and File Management
  • Finalize Your Logo, Part 3: Batch Export Files and Professional Client Delivery
Create a Magazine Ad
  • Project Introduction
  • Setting Up the Magazine Ad File
  • Gathering Assets and How to Scrape Photos
  • Getting Things in Place
  • Magazine Ad Design Continued...
  • Bullet Lists and Font Awesome Icons
  • Further Refinement, Adding Photos, and Masking with Shapes
  • Export the Final Ad for Press & Reviewing Design Decisions
  • How to Package Editable Photoshop Files to Share With Someone Else
Getting Familiar with InDesign: Create an eBook
  • InDesign ebook intro
  • Placing Assets and Basic Layout
  • Finalize the Design, Exporting, and Packaging Final Files
Create a Custom Brochure
  • Project Introduction
  • Beginning With the End in Mind
  • File Setup
  • Outside Layout: Part 1
  • Outside Layout: Part 2
  • Inside Layout
  • Exporting Final Files, Part 1: Generic Export
  • Exporting Final Files, Part 2: Adding Printer Marks and Fold Guides in Indesign
  • Exporting Final Files, Part 3: Add Printer Marks and Fold Guides in Illustrator
Create Custom Business Cards
  • Project Introduction & File Setup
  • Business Card Design
  • Exporting Final Files and Custom Finishes
Getting Online with Adobe Portfolio and Behance
  • Build Your Portfolio: Introduction to and
  • Features Overview of and
  • Export From Adobe CC Directly to and
  • Create a Custom Cover and Full-Width Portfolio Image for Behance
  • Behance Display App for iPad and iPhone
BONUS: Next Steps and where to go from here...
BONUS: 30-Day Facebook Live Replays
  • Introduction to this bonus section and my Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • Episode 1: How to start a business
  • Episode 2: How to start a business, part 2
  • Episode 3: Font resources, quick Photoshop tip, and watch me make a newsletter
  • Episode 4: Office Tour & Q/A Session
  • Episode 5: The lifestyle of a graphic designer and scheduling your freedom
  • Episode 6: What’s in my travel gear bag!
  • Episode 7: How to handle (educate) people who don’t value what you do...
  • Episode 8: How I track my time, create automatic invoices, and get paid on time!
  • Episode 9: Creative Briefs to Enhance Your Skills and Develop Your Portfolio
  • Episode 10: Technology hates me, & how I process my photos for ecom websites
  • Episode 11: Create a logo with Sharpies and Adobe Illustrator
  • Episode 12: Done is better than perfect, TGIF, & Family Vacation
  • Episode 13: I spent hundreds on books today!
  • Episode 14: Live from Flathead Lake, Montana
  • Episode 15: Geeking out over my new setup
  • Episode 16: Illustrator tutorials, pricing for branding, and staying healthy!
  • Episode 17 (part 1): Recap from yesterday's live and future plans
  • Episode 17 (part 2): Getting & keeping clients