Let's Get Started
  • Welcome to Class! So Happy You're Here.
  • My Best Story Ever: The Power of Making a Decision
  • A Few Tips to Get the Most Out of This Class
Your Inventory: Identifying Your Personal Blocks
  • Your Personal Inventory: A Compassionate Journey of Self Reflection
  • Your Mind: A Look at the Habitual Way You Think
  • Your Mind: Meet My Special Guest, Daphna Slonim, MD
  • Cognitive Corrections: Re-Training Your Mind for Success
  • Your Voice: Training Your Body's Best Instrument
  • Your Voice: Exercises for Clarity, Flexibility and Range
  • The Vocal Warm-Up with Special Guest Tessa Auberjonois
  • Your Body: How Do You Carry Yourself in the World?
  • Your Body: Exercises to Build Strength and Calm
  • Strengthen Your Core with Special Guest Carlos Requejo
  • Your Signature Style: How to Dress to Impress
Build Unstoppable Confidence
  • Building Confidence: What it Means and Why It Matters
  • Your Body's Wisdom: Introducing Energy Muscle Testing
  • Energy Muscle Testing: A Demonstration
  • Instant Confidence: Tips to Own Your Awesomeness
  • My Big Win: A Personal Success Story
  • Affirmations Work: How to Create Your Power Post-it
  • The Secret of Success: How to Cultivate Gratitude
The Art of Casual Conversation
  • The Art of Casual Conversation: An Introduction
  • Digital Distractions: How to Get Present in the Moment
  • How to Make an Amazing First Impression
  • How to Deal with Conversation Challenges
  • How to Deal with Challenging Conversations
  • Opportunities to Start Practicing RIGHT NOW
Be an Incredible Salesperson - Easily + Authentically
  • How to Listen Your Way to More Friends + Connections + Sales
  • Everything is Sales...So What's the Big Deal?
  • Re-Connect to Your Fire: How to Find Your Spark
  • Ge Ready! How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch
  • Be Unforgettable: Unlock The Power of Listening
  • Secret Weapon: How to Identify Your Ideal Client
  • I know, it Hurts Sometimes: How to Deal with Rejection
How to Deliver Amazing Presentations
  • Dream Big! How to Picture Yourself on Stage
  • How to Nail Your Next Interview
  • How to Deliver an ENGAGING Power Point Presentations
  • Preparation Exercises: 6 Keys for Success
  • How to Deal with Anxiety
  • Instant Relief: Holding the Neuro Technique
Video Creation: How to Be Comfortable on Camera
  • Shining On Camera: An Introduction
  • The Power of Video
  • All the Ways to Leverage Video Right Now!
  • The Equipment
  • iPad Video Demonstration
  • Types of Videos to Create
  • Five Easy Tips to Shine
A few fun extras for you!
  • Hi! I'm Alexa. Happy to Share A Bit About Myself
  • Welcome to Video Q + A!
  • A Message for You During these Uncertain Times
  • A Guided Visualization for Wellbeing