Welcome to Graphic Design Theory for Beginners
  • Course Guide
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NEW! How To Become A Graphic Designer - The Full Guide
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Graphic Designer
Color Theory
  • Color Theory in Design
  • Seeing the World through Color
  • Color Mixing and Systems
  • Color for Digital and Print Media
  • Color Selections and Methods
  • Color Harmonies and Meanings
  • Create a Mood Board with Canva
  • Selecting Color for a New Design
  • Create a Duotone Effect with Photoshop
Typography Theory
  • Typography in Design
  • Type Anatomy
  • Type Styles - Serif Fonts
  • Type Styles - Sans-Serif Fonts
  • Kerning and Spacing
  • Type Hierarchy
  • Font Pairing
  • Font Pairing Practice
  • Font Pairing Practice - Long Headlines
  • Font Pairing Practice - Different Styles
Putting together A Simple Social Media Graphic
  • Project - Create a Simple Social Media Graphic
Photography Theory
  • Photography in Design
  • The Basics of Photography
  • Composition and Layout
  • Typography and Photography
  • Color Theory in Photography
  • Where to Find Images
  • Resource: Where to Find Images
  • How to Cut Out a Subject from a Photo
  • How to Create an Advertisement in Canva
Layout Theory
  • Layout and Design
  • Effective Layout
  • Grids and Blocking
  • A Detailed Study of Grids in Layout Design
  • Design Theme
  • Editorial Spread Design - Part 1
  • Editorial Spread Design - Part 2
  • UX Design
Logo Design and Branding
  • The Characteristics of Strong Logo Designs
  • Clever Logo Inspirations
  • The Entire Brand
  • The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas - Part 1
  • The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas - Part 2
  • The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas - Part 3
The Legal Side of Design - Properly Using Photos, Fonts, and Resources
  • Properly Using Photos, Fonts, and Resources
  • Fonts
  • Photos
  • Resources
BONUS LECTURE: Practical Application Time: The Adobe CC Masterclass!
  • Adobe CC Masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Xd and InDesign!
  • Other Courses Lindsay Marsh Teaches
Design Trends for 2020: And How to Create Them
  • An introduction + Downloadable Resources!
  • Trends in Typography
  • Skeuomorphism to Neumorphic design
  • Hand-Drawn Assets
  • Movement in Design
  • Geometric Shapes