Introduction to Ranking a Local Business Website
  • Why You Should Take This Course & What You'll Be Able To Do By The End
Planning & Getting Prepared
  • Section Intro: Getting Organized Before Starting The Project
  • Business information to collect, where to store it & Questions to ask
  • Download This Spreadsheet To Track Data And Stay Organized
  • An Introduction To The Site We'll Be Ranking, The Client's Goals & Site Health
  • Knowing Your Target Audience & Website Goals
  • Setting up Google Search Console (GWT) and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Local SEO Ranking Factors
Seo Audit & Keeping Current Rankings During Redesign
  • Section intro: Understanding The Health of a Website & Maintaining Rankings
  • How to keep current search engine rankings during redesign process
  • Maintaining Current Rankings Continued...
  • Knowing your back link profile, URL structure and using 301 redirect
  • How to Monitor A Site After A Redesign To Watch For Any Problems
  • Questions to Ask To Ensure You Keep Your Current SEO Rankings (DOWNLOAD & USE)
Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors & Analyzing Their SEO Efforts
  • Introduction to Competition Analysis
  • How & Why To Find Your Top Online Competitors
  • List of Competition Analysis Tools
Keyword Research & Competition
  • Section intro: performing proper keyword research to ensure your SEO
  • Using the 5-Step Keyword Research process
  • Finding Keywords You Are Already Ranking For & Tools To Find More Local Keywords
  • Researching Your Competitor's Keywords
  • Selecting Final Keywords & How Much Traffic Do You Really Need?
  • Determining how easily we can rank for specific keywords
Developing Website Content
  • Section intro: the importance of website content in your overall SEO
  • Creating a content development plan & Content writing tools and reso
  • What to write about
  • Implementing An Internal Linking Structure
Website Design & Development Plan
  • Section Intro: Designing The Website While Keeping SEO In Mind
  • Getting Design Inspiration. Do You Deserve To Be On Page 1?
  • Using An Existing Theme Or Designing Your Own (And What I'll Be Doing)
  • Setting up a demo site
  • How to ask Google not to index your demo site while you work (in WordPress)
  • Creating Location Specific Pages (And Exactly What To Include)
  • Creating initial pages using a good URL structure & where to use key
On Page Optimization
  • Planning For Your SEO Audit & Auditing Your Competitors
  • Geotagging Website Images
  • Geotagging Local Business Videos
  • Additional Information to Add to Your Images
  • What Is Schema, Why You Should Use It & How To Test Your Site For It
  • How To Implement Schema On Your Local Website
  • Additional Schema Markup To Use For Local Business Websites
  • Schema Code Examples
  • Setting a preferred URL
  • The factors that impact your website speed, how to test for speed an
  • Relationship Between Page Speed and Hosting
  • Duplicate content & images
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website Test
  • On-Page Optimization Resources
Tracking The Impact Of A Website Redesign
  • Website Launch, Update on Site Design & Client Feedback
  • How to Track Your Website's Search Rankings
  • List of Position / Rank Tracker Tools
  • How To Track The Impact of Your Website Redesign
Website Relaunch & What's Next
  • The Website Has Been Relaunched. Here Are The Very Next Steps
  • The Website is Fully Optimized. Now What?
  • The Benefits of Optimizing a Business Google My Business Page
Creating Your Google My Business Listing
  • How to Determine If Your Business Is Already Listed
  • Adding Your Business If It's Not Already Listed
  • Google's Guidelines for Listing on Google My Business
Optimizing Your Google My Business Page
  • What We're Going to Cover
  • The Google My Business Dashboard Overview
  • How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 1
  • How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 2
  • How to Handle Businesses With Multiple Locations
Ranking Your Google My Business Listing
  • What We're Going to Cover
  • Where You Will Rank in the Top 20 Listings
  • The Importance of Citations
  • Citations vs Links: Understanding The Difference
  • How Many Citations Do You Need?
  • Find Out Where Your Business Is Listed & If It's Listed Correctly
  • Where to Find Citations
  • Where to Find & Track More Citations Inexpensively
  • How & Why To Track Your Citation Efforts
  • 94 Top US Citation Sources
  • 60 Top UK Citation Sources
  • 53 Top Australia Citation Sources
  • 42 Top Canada Citation Sources
  • 25 Top Netherlands Citation Sources
  • Citation Sources By Professions
  • Which Sites Should You Get Citations From First?
  • The Importance of Site Structure
  • How to Determine How Competitive a Niche Is
The Importance of Google Reviews
  • What We're Going to Cover
  • The Difference Reviews Can Make On Your Ranking Position
  • How Many Reviews Do You Need?
  • The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Reviews