• Introduction
Classic Marketing Fundamentals
  • What Is Marketing?
  • How Marketing Has (And Hasn't) Changed
  • Understanding The Cognitive Buying Journey (And Funnels!)
  • A Good Way To Visualize AIDA
  • A Word Of Warning
  • Glossary Of Marketing Terms
Content Marketing Essentials
  • What Is Content Marketing, And How Does It Work?
  • Defining Your Goals
  • The Importance Of Storytelling: How To Tell Compelling Stories
  • How To Create Detailed Buyer Personas
  • Action Steps: Goals & Buyer Personas
Web Design
  • Why Good Design Matters
  • The Importance Of Responsive Design
  • How Minimizing Your Design Can Maximize Your Results
  • Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages (And When)
  • Baking Social Proof Into Your Site
  • Planning For Edge Cases
  • Why I Recommend Using WordPress
  • Action Steps: Web Design
Generating Content Ideas
  • The Importance Of Having A Reliable Ideation System
  • Creation Begins With Consumption
  • Conducting A "Brain Dump"
  • The #1 Tool For Content Research And Competitive Analysis
  • Questions Straight From Your Target Audience
  • Eavesdropping On Niche Communities
  • How Your Existing Audience And Content Can Help You Generate New Ideas
  • Action Steps: Generating Content Ideas
  • The Importance Of Effective Writing
  • How To Write Perfect Headlines
  • Matching Your Audience's Tone And Vocabulary
  • Maintaining Focus With Your Content
  • How To Write A Call-To-Action
  • How Grammatical Errors Can Cripple Your Marketing Efforts
  • How To Become A Better Writer
Types Of Content
  • Content Types Intro
  • How To Create Epic List Content
  • Teaching Your Audience With Tutorials
  • Two Approaches To Q&A Content
  • Interviews & Profiles
  • Combining A List With An Interview
  • How To Create Valuable Reviews And Comparisons
  • Working News Into Your Content Strategy
  • Creating Valuable Roundups And Resource Lists
  • Thought, Opinion, And Controversy
  • Stories As A Content Format
  • Statistics And Original Research
  • Presenting Complex Data For Visual Learners
  • How To Write A Case Study That Turns Readers Into Buyers
  • Action Steps: Types Of Content
Content Formats & Repurposing
  • Content Formats
  • How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Fresh Content
  • Watch Me Turn One Video Interview Into More Than A Dozen Pieces Of Content
  • Action Steps: Content Formats & Repurposing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • A Brief Introduction To SEO
  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Basic Site Setup For SEO
  • Titles And Meta Descriptions
  • Themes And Template Settings
  • How To Select The Right Keywords And Create High-Ranking Content On Any Topic
  • Does Keyword Density Matter?
  • Internal Links
  • Image Optimization
  • Action Steps: SEO
Content Promotion
  • Why Promotion Is Important
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • The Formula For A Perfect Guest Post Pitch
  • A Simple Way To Get Leading Influencers To Share Your Content
  • Teasing Your Content On Social Media
  • How To Get Your Content Featured In Popular Resource Lists
  • Don't Neglect This Free Source Of On-Demand Traffic
  • How To Promote Your Content In Groups & Niche Communities (Without Being Spammy)
  • An Extremely Effective Way To Significantly Grow Your Audience Overnight
Email Marketing
  • Why An Email List Is Essential For Your Marketing
  • How To Entice People To Opt In To Your List
  • Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Standard Opt-In Forms
  • High-Profile Opt-In Forms
  • How To Turn Commenters Into Subscribers
  • A Counterintuitive Strategy To Increase Your Conversion Rates
  • Using Social Proof To Grow Your Email List
  • Nurturing Your List: The Key To Maintaining Relationships Over Time
  • Action Steps: Email Marketing
External Marketing Channels
  • External Channels Intro
  • Facebook Pages & Ads
  • The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel (For Leads)
  • Notes: The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel
  • Facebook Groups