• What Is Copywriting? (And Why It's Your Secret Business & Career Building Tool)
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  • 3 x Amazing Tools That Will Make You A Better Copywriter
  • The Seductive Power of Words (and How To Harness Them)
  • BONUS - 317 Power Words To Crank Up Your Copy
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Bite-Sized Fundamentals
  • How To Master WIIFM (What's In It For Me)
  • Peek Over My Shoulder >>> WIIFM
  • How to Flip Features into Benefits Like A Pro
  • BONUS MISSION - Features Into Benefits
  • Remember: B2B Customers Eat Pizza Too
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  • How To Use Emotion To Motivate Your Reader
  • The Secret To "Show, Don't Tell"
  • The Importance Of Creating A Meaningful Persona (And How To Create One)
  • How To Write Like You Speak For Ultimate Persuasion
  • Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Write like you speak
The Secret To Creating A Winning Plan
  • The Secret To Creating A Winning Plan
Call To Actions
  • How To Write An Irresistible Call To Action
  • Meet PAS and AIDA... Your Two New Best Friends
  • BONUS MISSION - Formulas
Headlines In A Nutshell
  • How To Write Incredibly Effective Headlines
  • Bonus mission >>> Headlines
  • Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Headline Hack
Welcome To The Pocket Guide Section And How To Use It
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Pocket Guide To Press Releases
  • How To Write Press Releases Journalists LOVE
  • How To Write Press Release Quotes That Don't Suck
Pocket Guide To Case Studies
  • High-Paid, High-Demand -- How To Write Excellent Case Studies
  • The Secret Sauce Questions To Ask Your Interviewee
  • Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Case Studies
Pocket Guide To Emails
  • How To Write Emails People Click, Read And Act Upon
Pocket Guide To Web Copy
  • How to captivate your readers with awesome web copy
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